Why backup your SharePoint Online site?

Just as valuable as your home or car - your business documents and client information need protection.

SharePoint Limitations

SharePoint Online is a powerful tool for business, but it lacks the essential ability to restore files once they’ve been removed from the recycle bin. Deleted items stored in these locations are automatically removed after 90 days. Not even your site collection admin will be able to touch them then.

Be Compliant

It is a compliance standard in many countries that businesses are required to retain their financial records for 7 years. This is best practice for all businesses, especially accountants, but it also means a lot of data that needs to be accessible somehow from somewhere.

Best Solution

A third party backup tool is the best solution for your compliance and governance needs. Backing up your data is the only way to restore it beyond the recycle bin and will ensure business continuity after natural disasters, service disruptions, or human error. And with your files readily to hand, your business will also achieve compliance.

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Benefits for your business

The good bits - see how our SuiteBackups can help your business

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Easy SharePoint backup

Enter your SharePoint Online site into SuiteBackups and the app does the rest! Featuring an intuitive user interface built for easy browsing and searching, SuiteBackups provides you with automatic backups that you can manage from a centralised management portal.

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Protect your business

If you're interested in minimising business disruptions and having a solid disaster recovery plan, then SuiteBackups is for you. It provides that important additional layer of protection for your business on top of Microsoft's world-class security features.

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Have peace of mind

Know that your documents are secure in the cloud and access them whenever you want. Investing in SuiteBackups is your insurance against disaster and human error.

Features you’ll love

Putting our best foot forward - our top six most loved features

Intuitive interface

Simple and elegant design is used to achieve an easy-to-use interface that resembles a standard file browser. A shorter learning curve for users, plus it’s nice to look at.

Automated process

Set the time of your backups and the app does the rest. No worries or fuss, only confidence that your data is being backed up and made accessible when you need it.

Easy restore

A couple of clicks is all it takes to restore or download from a SharePoint library, all the way down to the individual document level.

Compare backups

Easily view and compare different backups, to see all the files that have changed between two points in time.

Full reports

Easily view a daily summary report, detailing how each backup has gone across every library.

Archived backups

Meet compliance standards by retaining as many archived versions of your SharePoint Online site as you desire.

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